SCM Money ManagersThe foundation of our business is wealth management and we understand first-hand the opportunities and challenges faced by money managers every day.

As a money manager you are a responsible custodian of your clients funds, and it is imperative that your forex broker is an extension of your integrity and expertise. We have a solid track record at wealth management and we build close relationships with money managers and institutional traders - built on transparency, no conflict of interest, and top global prime brokerage features.

Scandinavian Capital Markets is registered with the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finansinspektionen: Reg. No. 556863-5972). This registration along with our secure banking options provides our institutional clients with the assurances they need to attract clientele who want to take advantage of the favourable trading benefits we offer in Sweden, and grow their business.

Scandinavian Capital Markets is an ideal trading partner for money managers and institutional traders looking for a premium forex broker providing highly competitive prime brokerage features that can be leveraged for their clients. Our ability to customize liquidity and deliver robust execution service makes us a brokerage of choice.

We’re dedicated to supporting money managers and providing world class liquidity, transparency and connectivity. As a prime broker, we provide tight spreads and deep liquidity so institutional traders are able to trade the volumes they require with a high-end supported experience.

Our partnership with top tier financial institutions allows Scandinavian Capital Markets to customize liquidity solutions for different trading strategies. Transparency underpins our trade policy and procedures, as well as our account management service. For example, we can provide, at the trader's request, trade receipts for executed orders showing trades filled by specific banks.

Our MAMM/PAMM accounts for money managers are flexible, and provide the ultimate control you need for risk and equity stop out levels.

Account Highlights:

  • Trade block orders from a single master account utilizing the MT4 client terminal.
  • Unlimited number of customer accounts.
  • Allocations to clients as little as 0.01 lot (1000 currency units).
  • Manage multiple master accounts having different strategies.
  • All normal order types accepted: Market, Stop, Limit.
  • All unique order types accepted: Trailing Stop, Close by and Close all.
  • Allows Expert Advisor (EA) trading.

As a Money Manager or Institutional Trader you are looking to establish a long-term relationship with an exceptional forex trading partner. Scandinavian Capital Markets provides comprehensive benefits and account features that can be tailored to your specific needs and strategies.


Deep Liquidity (Top LPs: Swedish Banks)
Direct Market Access to Equinix LD4 London Data Center (10 ms execution)
Leverage Up to 1:100
Ultra Competitive Spreads From 0.2 Pips
Full Transparency and Segregated Accounts

Speak to a Relationship Manager

We believe in building positive long-lasting client relationships based upon trust and transparency.

Our client relationships are mutually beneficial, and we are committed to helping traders succeed in the lucrative foreign exchange market by providing the ultimate prime brokerage services. Whether you are a money manager, an introducing broker, or an active / professional trader, you’ll find our staff knowledgeable, helpful and available 24x5.